Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee - Africa


Ethiopia, the birthplace of Coffee. Ethiopian coffee is considered to be the best coffee in the world. Sidamo / Guji we feel are the best region in Ethiopia due to  altitude and climate.

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Drink Differently

We formed Los Dos Cristianos with one mission in mind: to help the Children and Families of the coffee-producing world by paying fair prices for their coffee and ‘giving back’ a share of our profits.

Our farmers grow the top 5% of all Arabica Coffee (specialty coffee) and we import it and Roast it Fresh, just for you.

Not only do we enable you to enjoy your great-tasting brew and face your day, we enable the coffee farmers and their families to afford a better quality of life.

We help you kick start your day so they can kick start their lives. It’s time to act!

Every bag you buy helps a family!


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