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About Los Dos Cristianos

We formed Los Dos Cristianos with one mission in mind: to help the Children and Families of the coffee-producing world by paying fair prices for their coffee and ‘giving back’ a share of our profits.

Our farmers grow the top 5% of all Arabica Coffee (specialty coffee) and we import it and Roast it Fresh, just for you.

Not only do we enable you to enjoy your great-tasting brew and face your day, we enable the coffee farmers and their families to afford a better quality of life.

We help you kick start your day so they can kick start their lives. It’s time to act!

"With every bag you purchase, you are transforming a life in Honduras!"

Our Steps for the Best Quality Coffee.

View the steps that Los Dos Cristianos takes to make sure you get the best coffee. From seed to cup.

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Los Dos Cristiano’s is a US based company that imports only the best Green Coffee beans.  We import quality beans from Latin America with an emphasis on Honduras.  We partner with CO-OPs, exporters and importers to enable us to move shipments globally containers at a time.  

We also offer localized Roasting Services of our coffee and can prepare Fresh Roasted Coffee and deliver directly within 24 hours of roasting.  We are able to provide a higher quality product at a lower price and delivered freshly roasted.

Finally we operate our coffee shop in North Port, Florida where we will roast the coffee on sight for retail consumption.

We aim to source Fair Trade and where possible Organic with sustainable methods of farming.  Our relationships due to the mission network, have been in place for many years with a constant and reliable supply.

Our Contributions from our sales:

We incorporated in 2015 and sponsored a Child from the Philippians for her education, healthcare, food and education.  (Via Metro World Child)

In 2016 we sent money enough to pay for 1,350 meals for Children in Honduras.

In 2017 we were able to provide funding to feed roughly 1000 children and provide health care costs (through our affiliated partners) for another 1000.

In 2018 we donated to programs that fed / provided medicine to almost 1500

In 2019 were were able to:

– Sponsor 2 Children via Metro World Child

– Donate to Living 127.org (Living 127 supports 21 orphanages in Latin America)

– Donate money back to La Ceiba Mission to support a medical drive to almost 200

– Donated to local charities and organizations here in North Port, Florida.

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Images From Our Life Changing Trip and the Humble Coffee Families of Honduras.

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